Garner the trust of prospective clients by sharing feedback of positive experiences delivered to existing clients, while maintaining your relationship with them via testimonial films that do both equally well!


Information reaches people at breakneck speed today. At any given point of time, there are billions of users around the world hooked on to apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and more. In this marketplace, almost all companies, no matter how big or small, are at competition with each other, fighting for the attention of some target audience. Testimonial films help here. In a new-age strategy to combat this information overload, we have come up with a solution where testimonial films can be a channel of sharing information in the most credible manner possible, while you support the premise through action. For example, if someone is to meet you for the first time, an old client of yours tells him or her that you are very punctual, and then you show up on time, the person you are meeting concludes, based on fact, that you are punctual.
The two other reasons why we believe testimonial videos work better than other forms of advertising are that there is almost never a vested interest in the equation, and people get to see an actual human being speaking on screen. This human element multiplies the factor of trust far more than we give it credit for. Lastly, people do, despite denying it, have the fear of being left out. If someone from the same or similar industry is telling them that using your services or products helped them in a particular way, they will want to see how it might work for them too.




Our experience in the field of corporate photography and films has enabled us to look beyond what lies in front of us. Instead of delivering a product that just looks appealing, we work to deliver products that work for you, getting involved at the conceptualizing stage itself.



With extremely strong protocols and processes set in place, we have a team of individuals that are experts in their own fields so that when put together, you get a set of photos or films that have been strategized, written, shot, edited, and finished in the best possible way.



We understand that not everyone is as comfortable in front of a camera as some others are. However, it is extremely critical for us that the entire experience is comfortable for you. To that effect, we choose to personally be there for you, getting through the process together.

Our Process

Chroma/Screen interviews

Conscious of the fact that this video might be influencing others to work with you, we help first make the client comfortable and camera friendly before we begin. We then conduct an interview in front of a green screen that is edited in the post-production process to give you a sharp, clean, good quality video that can be used across platforms to share with your prospective clients.


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