Ensure your audiences experience your work in the way it was meant to be. Share your narrative in the voice you want with post-production processes that ensure that nothing gets lost in translation.


Everything that happens to a film or photograph after it is shot falls under the post-production process. This begins with transferring the footage from the camera to the PC, and going all the way to the final edit complete with visual effects, colour grading, and more.
Now whether you want to promote a brand, explain a feature, introduce a product, just entertain, or something else, a photograph or film is expected to do something when released to an audience. Post-production is the process that binds the effort of many people together including the cast, crew, sponsors, companies, and more, bringing it to fruition.
The various aspects of post-production specifically those to do with technology, software, and equipment, are constantly being upgraded. This is one problem you need never worry about while outsourcing your post-production to us. Equipped with all of these, we can offer a finished product that is not only professional and unique, but also enables you to be two steps ahead of your competition at any given point of time.




Our experience in the field of corporate photography and films has enabled us to look beyond what lies in front of us. Instead of delivering a product that just looks appealing, we work to deliver products that work for you, getting involved at the conceptualizing stage itself.



With extremely strong protocols and processes set in place, we have a team of individuals that are experts in their own fields so that when put together, you get a set of photos or films that have been strategized, written, shot, edited, and finished in the best possible way.



We understand that not everyone is as comfortable in front of a camera as some others are. However, it is extremely critical for us that the entire experience is comfortable for you. To that effect, we choose to personally be there for you, getting through the process together.



The human mind, despite what all science says, is a place of dreams and wonder. Our films, books, and even day-to-day solutions to problems, come from a place of insane creativity. VFX is something that gives fuel to that side of the mind, making things possible on screen that would just not be possible to create otherwise, in a practical, inexpensive, and incredible way!


It is said that a film is written twice – first, the time it is written, and second, the time it reaches the edit table. The only difference is that the first time, you have a free hand in terms of what the story could be. In the case of the latter however, the footage becomes RAW material (pun intended) that cannot be changed anymore. One of the most crucial steps of any photo or film shoot, the quality of an edit determines the quality of your film.

Colour grading

There are two reasons why colour grading a film is important. The first being correction. Colour grading a film helps to retain what was shoot to the purest level, capturing the truest form of imagery possible in today’s day and age. In addition, almost all photoshoots and films have a specific tonality, mood, and subsequent colour palette that goes with it. Colour grading helps enhance the same to create an immersive experience for your entire audience.


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